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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Repurposed, Recycled, Renewed!

Alright, so, I'm sure that we've all had the recycling message ground into our brains, but it really is an important thing to do. One of the essentials, really, to keeping our planet healthy. So here I'm bringing together some amazing pieces of jewelry and other items that have reused or recycled (or upcycled, whatever you want to say) bits and pieces of life.

The first piece is (get ready for some shameless advertising!) one of my own necklaces. The story behind this is that I had this lovely sterling silver vine ring. And then... I stepped on it. Squished, bent, definitely not resembling a ring any more. Short story, yes, but hey.
So, instead of trying to reshape it or just throw it out, I reused it in its new form to adorn this quartz drop!


The next bit of earth-friendly goodness is made by thecuriouscupcake. These awesome earrings are made from pop can tabs! There's some swanky wire-wrapping going on, along with some snazzy beads. Sure to be a conversation starter, and what's better, they're really affordable! Make sure to check out the rest of her shop, too. I've seen her get compliments galore in the forums, especially on her wire wrapping. :D


And now, I shamelessly promote one of my favorite shops ever, reqbat. She works a lot with recycled materials, and draws these awesome crows. You'll see one in her shop with a bowler hat on. And while the crows on this box do not have bowler hats on, they add a lot of character to the decoupage on this secondhand box! I will also unabashedly admit that I want this box, and that crow with the hat.


And the next artist we're going to mozy on over to is buttercupbloom. As she says on her shop's first page, it's always Earth day, all year round, and she really does her part to stay true to that! Her owls (which seem to be quite popular) and other critters are upcycled, cuddly, and adorable. Take a gander at this owl and some of her other dolls, and you'll see what I mean!


So I think that concludes this post on some great eco-friendly artists and their beauteous creations! Be sure to stop by and favorite, heart, and if you can, purchase from them to show your support!

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  1. great finds & fantastic job giving the ring a new life!