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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Alright! So, obviously I haven't been religiously updating this blog, but as no one has sent me messages complaining, I'll assume that's been pardoned. So, what have I been up to? I have a new (and first ever) boyfriend. He's wonderful. :D Aaaand my birthday is coming up tomorrow, June 2nd. I'll be turning 20! Goodbye to the teenage years, hello next ten years of my life where everything will change.

Anyhow, Etsy! I've just sold a vintage Barbie watch, and am rather excited for that. It was one of those items that everyone looked at, and liked looking at, but wasn't actually sold until now. Before that, I sold my stripey glove bunny, and that was rather hard to part with. He was one of the first ones I ever made, but he's in a good home.

Now, my goals are to get rid of the other critters and sale items. I'm not going to lower my critter prices any more, because according to my artist friends, everything being hand-stitched and hand cut should make them a higher price. So, as I'm already losing out a bit, I'm just going to try and promote these dudes via Twitter and hope someone dandy comes along to take one. Or ten.

I'm so excited to get to go to a book sale tomorrow! :D Hopefully I can find some vintage goodies to sell on Etsy. I've already sold two books, and am wondering how that might go if I look into this a bit more... Anyone have any insight into the vintage book business?

Oh, and here's something interesting that I learned about media mail from the post office itself: even though it's cheaper to ship things through media mail, it'll take longer to get to where it's going AND there's a good chance the USPS will open your package in order to ensure you are actually sending some form of media. Imagine my shock at learning that! They can open your lovely package to make sure you aren't lying. I'll have none of that, so no media mail for me.

I have to think of some kind of theme to have in the next post. Does anyone know why the picture thing doesn't really work on here? I tell it to make the photo small and then it makes it absolutely huge. Resizing should be resizing.

And now I leave you Etsians and other fine people with some questions:
- Do you like the idea of giving vintage books new homes?
- Do you know any book collectors?
- And will you wish me a happy birthday? :D

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